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From helping you with trend research to presenting new textile options, analysing the patterns and carefully choosing the accessories for your collection, we thrive to add value to your project. We’ll work with you every step of the way with the intent of improving your products.


You have the vision and concept, we have the expertise to offer design assistance, trend analysis and counselling. Our expertise combined with your original designs make it possible to give shape to your ideas.


Our strategic partnerships at the production level allow us higher quality standards and the use of optimized facilities for different categories of garments. We have a flexible production system, guaranteeing we’ll be offering the best results.

Quality Control

Quality is for us a priority, that’s why our quality control is made at the several stages of production, monitoring the full process. Apparel is an art for us, so we do everything in our reach to make sure your garments look stunning hanging on the store.

What we do

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Who we are

We are a textile production company specialized in responding to the several stages of conception, development and production of garments mainly within the categories of activewear, concept underwear and beachwear, which stands out for the quality of its products and processes. Our team prides itself on being united, dynamic and multidisciplinary, capable of embracing any project with precision, professionalism and creativity. We are focused in the development of the product, as well as in the relationships we establish with our partners. To that end, we have a structured and efficient organization, willing to improve our products and services every single day.

  • Commitement95%
  • Dedication100%
  • Fun70%
  • Sonja Laskowski
    “I am so excited to have found the right factory for my “baby” to grow with such wonderful people that gave me a feeling of being part of a family.”
    Sonja Laskowski
    Founder ELASKO
  • Fernanda
    “Working at FLM has shown me that it is never too late to change. That there is always a way and the possibility to accomplish our dreams.”
    Production Management
  • Ana
    “FLM is, union and strength! One day we, as a team, will look backwards and understand that we believed truly so hard in it, that it became a reality.”
    Research and Development
  • Alexandra
    “We are a united team, all rowing towards the same direction, having the same intent: the personal and professional growth, to reinforce our foundation.“
    Team Manager
  • Paula
    “I love new challenges and projects, and here we practise the art of making the impossible, possible.”
    Production Department
  • Sonia
    “I see FLM as a promise for the future, a friend that gave me the opportunity of feeling useful again, that brought back the sparkle in my eyes that had disappeared for a long time.”
    Sampling Department
  • Jorge
    “We work towards to become a model of innovation in the Textil area.”
    Logistic Management
  • Filipa
    “Every day we arrive with all our might, ready to give it all we have and more.”
    Account Assistance
  • Letícia
    “To put it simple, FLM is a family away from home.”
    Research and Development
  • Filipe
    “Even though FLM started as a simple project, it is now a becoming a dream we’re achieving. “
    Manging Director
  • Claudia
    "To solve a problem, no matter what kind of, requires most of the times a lot of creativity, and we got a lot of it."
    Research and Development
  • Joana
    “We’ve got to have the willing to constantly learn more and become better at what we do.”
    Purchasing Department

Can we help?

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will respond in 24 hours !

Address: Av. Industria, Lote 10, Brito, 4805-019 Guimarães
Country: Portugal
Phone: +351 253515958
Email: geral@flmtextil.com

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