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Get intimate

Forget your typical boring underwear, we can help you create exciting intimates. Proposing unexpected textiles and finishes if you want something flashy, or softer blends combined with rich colours if the goal is high-end underwear. We will give you all the options and help you throughout the entire process in order to achieve your vision.

Expertly crafted

Whether Casual, Technical, or Concept undergarments, we are fully equipped to develop and manufacture unique intimate apparel tailored to your customer's needs, including non-structured female underwear as well as eco-friendly options.

Four women aligned in underwear

Our technology

We stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and innovation techniques, constantly researching the underwear market.


Pilling happens with the continuous usage and washing of products. With our special finishes we are able to elongate the life of a material, reducing the formation of the small balls of fibers, improving overall quality.


We finish our knitted fabrics with Sanfor in order to give them a better touch, providing a deeper sense of comfort when worn.

Anti-wrinkling and easy to iron

Minimizes the fabric’s creasing and wrinkling, making it easier to iron and helping the garment to keep its shape.


Sublimation is a printing method for transferring images onto a substrate, woven or knits, in polyester. It allows for bright colours and great colour fastness, while preserving one of our most important natural resources, water.

Digital printing

Direct printing on the textile’s surface, with great detail, definition and rich colours. As it does not require as much water as other traditional techniques it is much more sustainable and pollute less.

Our Portfolio

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