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Stepping into Canada

Business Mission to Canada – Stepping into the Canadian Market

Stepping into Canada

This June our journey will take us to Canada. We always wanted to reach the Canadian market and came close a couple of times, but now we are going to go the extra mile and visit the great white north. Our CEO will join a Portuguese team along with other companies from various sectors beyond textile, such as technology and information, food and beverages, construction components and projects, automobile industry components, furnishing, footwear and pharmaceuticals or biotechnology.

The Canadian market always attracted us giving the characteristics and potential of this country. Their economy is solid, stable, as well as competitive and very open to foreign trade. It is also a very rich nation recognized worldwide for their technological advances with a population that is versatile and multicultural. They have a very high purchasing power as well as high standard of living. Another major motive for us to want to create a market in Canada is the trade agreement that exists between Canada and the European Union. The comprehensive and economic trade agreement (CETA) was signed in 2017 and it had the purpose of removing export and import tariffs and make it easier to exchange goods and services, which benefits businesses in both the European Union and Canada. This agreement was designed to support the growth of the nations involved as well as promote jobs while improving access to goods and services that otherwise would not be as easy to attain. Aligning the fact that Canada is a great market to work with, the expertise and know-how attained by experience of the European market and the fact that now we are open to trade without any barriers that can damage either market, it is clear that a partnership between Canada and Portugal makes a lot of sense.

To become closer and get to know a little better the Canadian market, we need to get to know the country and its people too. And that is why we will partake in this mission with the help of the Portuguese Business Association that will help us come into contact with other companies taking into account the characteristics and interests of our firm. And by coming to contact, we mean our CEO will be leaving Portugal and travel to Canadian soil to meet these companies in their element, getting a real feeling of Canada, its people and its businesses. We will be having one-on-one meeting with several companies throughout the week, the main purpose of this trip, but of course there will always be time to see the sights and find people we didn’t expect to find. Speaking of which, if you are in Toronto and want to get to know our company a little better, please feel free to say something and schedule a get-together. We are always open to new people and experiences.

Bicycle with Canada Flag On The Background

So, this time we are going to Canada, but there are a lot of other missions organized by the same association to several countries around the world so you never know where you can find us next. Apart from the missions, we also schedule several visits throughout the year, so I would advise you to keep close attention to our blog and social media to stay up to date on our calendar, where we are going and what we are doing. Who knows, maybe next time we will be closer to you!

Once again, we’d like to make sure you know that if you want to meet us and discuss potential future collaborations together and, of course, find yourself in Toronto between the 3rd and 7th of June, contact us so we can appoint a meeting. You can reach us through our social media, or our website and you are sure to expect a quick response from our part! We will be looking forward to hearing from you!

by Filipa Marinho

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